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Quality Control system

The Internal Quality Management system guarantees the quality of all UNISPECIAL products, and the production processes are all managed in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

UNISPECIAL products are the outcome of:

production control plans that are defined from the initial estimate phase
 highly professional operators in all the various processes
 cutting edge machinery and constant scheduled and extraordinary servicing work
  controls constantly carried out and recorded during all the phases by means of    efficient and calibrated measuring instruments

Metrology room

  Mitutoyo 3D measuring machine
 Mitutoyo quality control management software
  OGP computerised profile projector
 HRC HRB durometer
 Surface indicator
 ISO certified workshop instruments


On board the machines
Each machine tool has its own measuring instruments that are calibrated according to a specific timeline.

 Mitutoyo hundredths digital gauges, measuring range 0 150, 0 200, 0 300.
 Mitutoyo thousandths digital micrometers.
 Mitutoyo digital and analog gauges
 Series of calliper gauges and smooth ring nuts
 Series of calliper gauges and standard and special thread nuts

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www.unispecial.it - Email: unispecial@unispecial.it

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