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The company

The company was founded in 1987 as a sole proprietorship, and over the years has developed into the current limited company, and moved to the new modern and functional headquarters.

The distinctive features of Unispecial development are the constantly updated machine fleet and research into efficiency, to ensure the client is guaranteed full compliance with the technical specifications and lead times with high-level production flexibility and controlled cost outlays.

Our specialisations

We produce turned and milled parts from bars, crops or from semi-machined parts according to the clients' drawings.

We work with all ferrous and non-ferrous materials, laminated-rolled bars, drawn bars and ground bars (high-speed steel, C35 Pb, C40/45, AISI 303 304 316 stainless steels, alloyed steels, titanium, brass, bronze and plastic).

Our machining processes are run by automatic cycles with numeric control machine tools, and on request we provide reformation with workstations, rolling machines, tapping machines and slotting machines. We also provide internal processes of vibro-finishing and laser marking.



35010 Z.A.I. SALETTO DI VIGODARZERE (PD) Italy - Via del Lavoro, 51 - P.iva/Cod fiscale/ R.I. (Padova) 03525180281
Tel. 049 767115 - 049 767950 - Fax 049 8840686
www.unispecial.it - Email: unispecial@unispecial.it

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